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Rock Co. Insane Asylum EVP - Loud, dragging noises captured at the former lunatic asylum.

This EVP was captured on the 4th floor of the former Rock Co. Insane Asylum/TB Hospital. Greg sits his
recorder down as he and Katy leave to explore the 3rd floor. In it, you will hear
Greg say, "You have 20 minutes". After this, he sets it down and leaves.

Within the next 45 seconds, loud, dragging sounds are heard, sounding as if a large piece of metal
furniture is being dragged across a concrete floor, perhaps. However, the floor was carpeted and there
was no furniture whatsoever. A strange, loud voice can be heard near the end of the recording as the
team begins to head back to the floor because of the strange noises being heard. This "voice" was not
heard at the time. See
Investigation Report.
Voices Through the Static EVP Research was formed in 2004.
Since that time, we've conducted paranormal
investigations at
many purported haunted sites in the Wisconsin area and
beyond. We use forensic audio analysis programs to help us
ascertain that which is logical and that which we feel to be

do not plug psychics or charge membership fees.
Investigations are confidential unless otherwise decided upon
by home or establishment owners.

To learn more about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), or for
recording methods, see our
EVP Methods and Techniques page.
Investigations are confidential. To contact us, email

EVP is thought to be the voices of the dead. The EVP ( Electronic Voice Phenomena ) voice recordings we
have obtained were captured under controlled conditions at numerous investigation sites. Many hours are
invested while an extensive examination and analysis of recording time is completed to assure that the
EVP that are discovered are authentic in nature. All rational explanations for the voices captured have
been ruled out. We have labeled them according to their responses.

These responses are as follows:

Interactive or Intelligent EVP Recording - An entity's direct answer to an investigator's question or

Residual or Unprovoked EVP Recording - An entity's statement is made without provocation from an
investigator. We feel this type of response to be the most common form of EVP as we receive this type
the most often.
Currently, we are not in need of new investigators. We
strive to remain a small group, as this helps to deter false
positives regarding E.V.P. If this changes, we will update
the information here on our main page.