Breast or Ass: What Do Men Prefer In Their Women?

One of the most debated topics when it comes to female body parts are breast and ass. That is as it pertains to which one men prefer the most. Pornography sites have endless big tits porn movies to help people indulge. They also have infinite amounts of big ass porno videos. In other cases, the adult content contains women who posses both big tits and a huge ass. Overall, mortals are turned on by buns while others go wild over boobs. The answer to the question will largely depend on who you ask. In truth, humans are the species most obsessed with private parts and sex.


Unlike any other primates, human beings have numerous visual erotic triggers on their bodies. More than any other primate on the planet, in fact. Women generally have small, medium or large breasts. Additionally, many of them are also blessed with perfectly round and big butts. Men on the other hand, have penises which come in all sizes. Of course in that case, the bigger the better. That is to an extent and depending on whom you pose the question to. But, if popularity is a tell-tale sign, then bigger wins out. At least when it comes to pornography since bigger body parts are generally more commented and viewed in adult categories.



To get to the bottom (no pun intended) of what men prefer most when it comes to breasts or butts, studies must be taken into account. Thus far, countless of researches and survey have been done on the subject. Magazines such as Playboy, websites and adult pages also carry out these studies. All done in the quest to find out what men like the most; tits or ass.  For centuries, the attention to female body parts was largely given to breasts. However, the past few decades, the focus has been going down towards women’s bottoms.



Case in point are stars who are renowned and famous for their large derrieres. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and several others come to mind. That is not to say that men only began ogling women’s big asses now. The male’s obsession with big butts dates back to the time of ancient Chinese and the Greeks. Still, most surveys seem to pinpoint to boobs being the main attraction for men. Big breasts it appears, are the body parts males worship the most. Millions of women all over the world have plastic surgery done. Most of it is centered around breast augmentation. Breast implants are one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery done today. Recently though, a great deal of females have also begun to modify their butts via cosmetic surgeries.


Although a lot of focus is given to bigger being better or more popular,that is not always the case. When it comes to research done on the matter, statistics prove otherwise. For the most part, men prefer medium or average size boobs. Large breast come in second place while small boobs place in third. The same for butts. While there are some men who may be more attracted to one or the other female parts, most just want the complete package. A woman who has a nice ass, beautiful face, great body and average size tits is perfect for most. But, it doesn’t mean that a person has to settle for either one or even choose.


The great thing about technology, the internet and pornography, is that it provides people with choices. They can pick and choose what to watch when it comes to tits or ass. Or anything else they enjoy for that matter. If what you prefer are hardcore porn videos of women with big asses, then there is no shortage of it online. Adult sites have never-ending big ass porno content which focus on big butts. For instance, anal porn videos are extremely popular. Most of them show women being pummeled from behind. That position tends to place the focus on the butt. There are numerous categories in adult sites which also have to do with asses.

When it comes to big tits, the choices are even greater. In all, there are gazillions of hardcore porno movies, sex pics and other content dealing with women with big tits. The huge boobs is in itself one of the most popular porn genres. Using relevant searches or related keywords, allows a person to narrow or widen their query. This way, they can place an onus on exactly what it is they are looking for. So whether you prefer big natural tits porn videos or big ass porno films is not the real problem. The real issue becomes on what to do with all the available content easily found online today. Thanks to Smartphones, webcams and homemade porno videos, the options are there.  Whatever it is that turns you on, is waiting for you to look at it now.