5 Sexy Game Date Night Ideas For Christian Couples

Do you ever think Christians can be boring on sex? Why do people think Christians can be boring on bed? Many people think Christians have boring sex life because they are engaged with a list of tight rules and spiritual beliefs. There is a perception that they are missing out on the real fun side of the word “S”- Sex.

There is a generalization on this topic, but non-Christian should be reflecting that boring sex is also happening to many, Christian or not. They have their own ways on how to have fun grasping authentic intimacy while intimately connected to the Creator of sex.

If you’re a Christian and think sex with your spouse will be dull for the next 10 years because of the “same old sex” you’re having, it’s time for you to wake up. Making sex exciting while maintaining a sense of reverence for the Creator’s standard is possible. In fact, God designed sex to be fulfilling for both men and women and adventurous sex serves as a glue to building a strong marriage. Here, we are talking about sexy game date night ideas for Christian couples without compromising their faith.

1. Jenga Sex Game

This game will test your focus, dexterity, determination and skill. This is a fun way to be competitive with your partner.

The Jenga blocks are pre-stacked as a tower or no gaps. The player secondary hand is only allowed to touch blocks. Each time the player removes a block and uses it to start a new level, the other player must remove a part of clothing. If the player removes a block and uses it to fill in a single hole, they must put a part of clothing back on their body unless fully clothed. The player who falls the tower gets one point. If one of the players still has clothes on, the original tower will be rebuilt and the game continues. The loser with many points will do what is asked of the winner.


2.Tear those clothes up

This is a simple game of ripping clothes using only the teeth. The couple should wear cheap-easy-to-tear clothes. Each one is free to destroy each other’s clothes until both of you are strip naked.


3.Pick a Card

Use a deck of cards. Each card will have different sexy meaning. For example, heart represents kiss, clubs represents masturbating your partner, diamond represents stripping off one part of your clothing, and spade means do oral sex. When you get nine of hearts, your will receive nine kisses on any part of your body. Depending on what you want each card to mean, it depends on you.



4.Dare or Dare

Play a game of Truth or Dare but all consequences should be dirty dares like do sexy dance in front of you, talk dirty for 2 minutes, kiss your nape for 1 minute and so on. Spin a bottle and whom it will stop will do the dare. This will be a fun game until you two are aroused.


5.Checkers and Wine

This is a mental and strategic game. Use a checker board game. Each capture of pieces is equivalent to one shot of wine. You know what they say, wine fuels the desire.

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