8 Things That Could Be Harming Your Sex Life

If your sex life sucks, you might want to look at these 8 things that could be harming it;

Expecting People To Read Your Mind

It is not a universal ability for people to know what you are thinking or what you need. Those who might be able to do it, some of the time certainly can’t do it every time. For your sake and theirs, use your words, make your requests and set your boundaries verbally. If there’s any confusion, try to understand by communicating and listening. You’ll get better sex when you do this because you’ll get more of what you want rather than what someone thought you wanted.



Unhealthy Eating And Bad Lifestyle Habits

Drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition and lack of exercise can really compromise your sexual health and well-being. As a reminder, unhealthy habits can lower libido, make it difficult to get up and get off, decrease penis size and generally cause to feel less physically fit for the sex.



Being Mean

When you non-consensually insult somebody, it severs trust and connection which sets you up for all sorts of confusion in the bedroom. Plus, most put-downs these days are sexual in nature, so in addition to being mean, you’re associating sex with “bad”.



Seeking Help When You Need It Instead Of Before You Need It

How many of you have had a relationship problem, and just before calling it quits, you made an appointment with a therapist? And then you got these awesome skills to do things differently and learned to hear your partner for what was really being said and it actually got better? Then you told your friends you’re not sure why you waited so long. Before you even have the problem, not even at the beginning of it, but before it exists, establish a resource to help you, so that when problems arise, you have a system in place to work through them.

Tight Clothing And Hard Seats

Tight clothing such as skinny jeans and bike seats can irritate the genitals, causing redness, itchiness and abrasions. While they are not harmful to everyone, for some, it can really inflame the intimate area and can make touching it for pleasure quite unpleasurable.

Only Using Condoms For Protection

Condoms are not just for protection. They can be ceremonial too, like a gesture to designate you’re preparing for a special occasion. They can also add a layer of separation between your bodies if you want to have sex. Condoms can be decorative and playful with different colors, temperatures and textures and they can take you back from the feeling of newness and excitement like when you used them for the privilege of having sex.

Not Accepting The Truth

Thinking someone isn’t going to change their mind. Accepting people as who they are is crucial to your own health. But presuming you know who they will be based on the trajectory of their path is incredibly limiting to you. It strangles out any hope that things can be different.

Masturbating Face-Down

There are two primary ways people masturbate; rubbing their genitals with something like a hand or a toy, and the other one is rubbing their genitals on something, like a bed or a pillow. In a study, people with erectile difficulties and trouble climaxing with their partners were prone masturbators, all face-down. They coined this “Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome” and hypothesized that direct pressure from humping things desensitized the genitals to other kinds of sensations.

These things will come up multiple times in your life. The sooner you learn hem, the better off you’ll be, sexually and otherwise.

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