Healthy Tips To Help You Manage Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. Normally, this occurs when a woman produces higher amount of male hormones. This causes irregular menstruation to not having menstruation at all, heavy periods, acne, difficulty getting pregnant, excessively thick facial hair and weight gain, among others.

Living life with PCOS is not easy but is manageable. The first step to managing PCOS is thru a healthy lifestyle. When we say healthy lifestyle, it is not only by eating healthy and exercising. It means, as much as possible, refraining away from all causes of stress.

1.Eat good food in an even pattern.

There is no complicated diet plan for women with PCOS. Mostly, the foods that should be avoided are the same foods that are not recommended to people suffering from metabolic conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. In this case, one with PCOS should be aware of her eating pattern to maintain her blood glucose levels. Eating every few hours with little amount of snacks will prevent hunger. Hunger always lead to overeating which causes uncontrolled weight gain.

Set your alarm clock every few hours to remind yourself that it’s time for you to eat snacks.

2.Do regular exercise.

Regular exercise is an effective way in improving insulin resistance. Increase in insulin causes many of the complications in PCOS. Though one may not see visible result in their body, exercising or any physical activities will help regulate your cycle, improve fertility, increase energy, help prevent weight gain, and reduce stress and anxiety. These positive results can be achieved though you do not feel like you’re losing weight. It is better to maintain your weight than to gain extra pounds.

A daily 20 minutes exercise will do. Exercises focusing on building cardiac and muscle strength are the recommended type of exercise for women with PCOS. If you have work and can’t afford the 20 minutes daily exercise, you can do the first 10 minutes at your home and then other 10 minutes in your work area. Simple stretching and carrying of heavy loads will do.

3.As much as possible, avoid being stressed.

Stress is inevitable. There are different types of stress and everyone is suffering from its kind, knowingly and unknowingly. From the time you heard you have PCOS up to now that you’re dealing with it, stress is following you like a shadow. The first way to suppress stress is accepting that you are suffering with PCOS. When you accept your condition, you will think of the light sides of the situation. Another way is to have a good relationship with your family, friends and people you encounter daily. If your family supports you in your battle, everything will be in place and will be light. You can also start something that can make you pre-occupied like enrolling to cooking class, going to yoga, meeting your

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